Our Park

Science and Technology Park in Świerk (PNT) is an organizational unit of National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ). It is located 30 km south-east from Warsaw (5 km east from Otwock), in the area of National Centre for Nuclear Research in Świerk.

Science and Technology Park in Świerk is a base of development for modern enterprises. In the Park we support them in applying research results in commercial activities. We offer various models of cooperation, all of which are based on de minimis aid.

    The enterprises can gain access to modern office space (425 m2 total), laboratories (610 m2), as well as conference rooms or exhibition space. Moreover, the Park provides legal and administrative aid to all projects that are taking place within, helps to find new technological solutions, aids in the exchange of technology and can participate in contract negotiations.

    Our main goal is to aid in cooperation of science and economy. We are a research-and-development institution, that creates a business-friendly environment and follows the government goals associated with supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.


    Accredited Masovian Business Environment Institution

    Science and Technology Park "Świerk" has been an officially accredited Business Environment Institution since November 14, 2022.



    Our Science and Technology Park “Świerk” is:
    • “backroom” for development of ideas and introducing them on the market,
    • A chance for small and medium-sized enterprises to grow, thanks to the vast
    • experience of National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ),
    • A centre funded on scientific grounds, targeted at practical use of nuclear technology,
    • A chance for STEM graduates to start their own enterprise,
    • A centre based on Technopolis in Oulu and Manchester Science Park.