De Minimis Aid

De minimis aid (provided by NCBJ through the Park) is a simplified form of support aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the EU laws, an enterprise is an entity engaged in economic activity, including individuals and companies.


In case of the Park, de minimis aid is based on providing free-of-charge services related to the Park’s infrastructure, which would require payment otherwise (on the market). Examples are: using office and laboratory space, research services, as well as legal aid in launching and operating an enterprise (including protection of intellectual property, commercialization etc.).


After a positive examination of the application, an agreement regarding the extent of the aid is signed. NCBJ provides the aid non-profit, which means, that the enterprise doesn’t have to pay for using the infrastructure. The only charge may be the operation costs, for example media or used materials, or cost of services that are not available in the Park, but are provided by NCBJ.


From the enterprise’s point of view, the procedure of the aid is also advantageous, since complicated studies of feasibility and financial analysis are not needed. Required documents consist only of a few pages of simple forms and declarations. The future user of the Park’s services can count on our staff, which will help to fill out the forms correctly.


The combined size of de minimis aid obtained by an enterprise during the current fiscal year and two years prior cannot exceed 200 000 €. It is worth noting, that de minimis aid is present in various forms, often including a non-refundable grant. To determine whether the Park can aid the enterprise, one needs to sum up values of all the aid from the given period of time. These values can be found on the certificates/attestations obtained by the enterprise.